Five Things Only People With Good Credit Can Do | Fix Credit Score

You have likely heard all about how you should monitor your credit report and try to get the best credit score possible. But it’s not always clear why improving your credit score is so important. If you need some motivation to improve your credit score, this list of five things only people with really good credit can do should inspire you to start working toward this goal today.

1. Good Credit Lets You Save Money With Low Interest Rates

Whether you’re trying to get a credit card, personal loan or mortgage loan, your high credit score can get you the lowest possible rates. For example, a credit card that is offered to someone with a credit score in the 600s might have an interest rate around 20 percent or even higher, while someone with a score in the mid to high 700s could get a rate of 13 percent. Expect that interest rate to be even lower with a score of 800 or more.

According to Ovation Credit, some cards for people who have excellent credit offer deals like zero percent interest for the first 18 months. This kind of interest rate can add up to a savings of thousands of dollars over time, showing you how important a great credit score is if you like to save money.

2.Good Credit Lets You Get the Best Rewards Credit Cards

Another financial perk of having an excellent credit score is the type of credit cards you can get. The best rewards cards are offered to people with credit scores above the mid 700s. Some of these rewards cards give borrowers cash back for every dollar they spend on their credit cards, with higher percentages of cash back in certain categories.

For instance, a good rewards card might offer 6 percent cash back on purchases from the grocery store or 5 percent cash back on travel expenses, such as plane tickets and car rentals. If you have good enough credit, you will have your pick of rewards cards, which means you can choose the card that best meets your needs and gives you the most money back. If you think you could benefit from a rewards card, you’ll need to have a great credit score before you apply. Continue reading “Five Things Only People With Good Credit Can Do | Fix Credit Score”


Investing in Silver

Investing in silver has recently experienced a renewed interest. Earlier this year, the price of silver exceeded $ 20 per ounce. This was a twenty-seven high, but still below its record high above $ 50 for every ounce reached in 1980. In recent months, the price of silver has fallen below the $ 10, but apparently this has only intensified the interest to investment in this precious metal. There are a variety of methods for investing in silver.

As you may know, the paper money is very sensitive to price increases, losing value in real terms. Gold and silver are an excellent long term investment because the price of these precious metals can only increase with time. Today, an ounce of silver is cheaper than its par in gold, so it is a good moment to start considering investing in this commodity.


There is no doubt that silver has become a very interesting financial instrument to investors. I could mention hundreds of reasons to invest in silver, but I can summarize it in only three:

  • It is tied to the economy of any country.
  • It is an ultimate safe haven asset.
  • Is accessible to the large investor, and the small investor too.

Silver, does not share a unique position of wealth such as gold, but its value comes from the fact that it is a metal used in many industries and that is a component of the legal currency. Its use in the manufacture of coins makes it an important raw material and, again, as their access is limited, its value is maintained.

Advantages of investing in silver

1 – Silver is protected against the effects of currency devaluation, because its value is not linked to any currency. It is for this reason that the loss of purchasing power of a currency does not affect the price of silver.

2 – Silver has a broad industrial use. Used as a drug component (there is a drug known as silver nitrate that is used to protect newborns against neonatal syphilis affecting the eye), in electronics, computers and metallurgy, and in the making of money, as we said before.

3 – Silver is cheaper than gold, however, it has the same psychological value as a precious metal. Therefore, those who can not afford to pay $ 1,700 for a pound of gold can instead invest in silver.

4 – The silver can be used as currency in times of economic collapse.


Disadvantages of investing in silver

1 – Like other traded commodities, silver is subject to correction in price, so if your intention is not to keep your investment for a long time, this could work against you.

2 – The rate of return when investing in silver is not as high as in other areas. You only need to see the list of commodities in investment platforms to see it.
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